Client Meetings at Chiltern House are now suspended until 6 January 2021*

*Once restrictions are lifted the following protocol will apply.

To help us ensure your safety, and the safety of our staff, please take a moment to read the guidelines below prior to your visit.

Advisory protocol for visitors

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Chiltern House and are pleased to share with you the following information and guidelines on how we are maintaining a COVID-secure environment.  Our offices and client meeting room have been adapted to incorporate social distancing and additional sanitisation measures, tailored specifically to the nature of each visit. We have reduced the number of client meeting rooms to one and this will be sanitised prior to your visit, and again after your departure.

Prior to the meeting

When arranging your meeting, your host will ask you to declare that you:

  • Do not have any of the symptoms typically associated with COVID-19- cough, high temperature, shortness of breath
  • Have not travelled to any affected or quarantined areas in the past 14 days
  • Have not come into close contact with anyone suspected or diagnosed with COVID-19, nor undergone self-isolation in the past 14 days due to COVID-19 symptoms displayed by someone in your household.

Your Adviser will also confirm that they do not have any of the above conditions.

Should your circumstances change in the period leading up to your meeting, please notify us immediately. To enable us to maintain social distancing as best we can, please do not bring other people to the office that will not be participating in the meeting unless they are required to accompany you for essential health reasons or support.

We also ask that all clients/visitors that all within the government’s identified persons at increased risk groups seek to ensure our contact with you does not put your health at risk.

When you arrive at our offices

  • Parking will be available as usual in our visitor spaces.
  • Please arrive on time for your appointment as we are operating a strict staggered meeting timetable to maintain social distancing and arriving late may result in you missing your meeting.
  • Please do not come into the building before your allocated meeting time.
  • Your host will meet you in reception and ask you to provide contact details for our records should it be necessary for us to have to contact NHS Track & Trace after your visit.  This in information will be held for 21 days only. 
  • We ask that you use the hand sanitiser on entry to the building.
  • A face covering is to be worn whilst entering and leaving the building. We can provide one for you or you are welcome to bring and wear your own.

During the meeting

  • We will not be providing refreshments during meetings, but you are welcome to bring your own drink with you.
  • We are also adhering to government advice in relation to the use of air conditioning so please dress appropriately for the temperature on the day and your comfort.
  • Meeting room windows will/can be opened to allow ventilation
  • A maximum meeting time of 2 hours will be observed, and we will make sure that your meeting concludes within the allotted time
  • At the end of your meeting, we will guide you out of the office following the directional social distancing measures we have put in place.

After your meeting

If you feel unwell and develop COVID symptoms in the seven days following your visit, please notify us.
We will contact you if, within seven days of your meeting, we become aware of COVID symptoms being developed by a person with whom you were in contact with during your visit.

We will be reviewing our procedures as the situation evolves and any feedback you are able to provide us about your meeting experience would be gratefully received to ensure that we can sustain a safe and efficient environment for our clients and visitors. You can give this feedback to your host, or by emailing our Managing Director,

You can also download our guidelines and declaration form here